Justin Moore (2009)

Justin Moore (2009) is the first CD, recorded under Valory Music Group, which is a part of a bigger company –Big Machine Records, by American artist Justin Moore. The release was held on August 11, 2009, as one of three albums (by now) made by the singer under this label. There’re four tracks within the track list, which were also released as singles by the same label. The most significant one for the performer was "Small Town USA", as it was the first to become No.1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Every composition on the disc was co-written, excluding "Back That Thing Up", which was created by the singer himself.

The CD of the performer, who held his first concert being a high school student, was presented as a part of a special program under the name "So You Want to Be a Record Label Executive", in which all the fans could participate. It also helped to promote Moore’s music, because his fans were given an opportunity to make preferable playlists out of the songs presented on social networking sites like iLike and MySpace. There was a limit of 10 songs to be on the playlist, so the tracks that were most popular among listeners became the track list of the CD.

Justin Moore album was evaluated by critics differently. For instance, some of them gave 3 stars to the CD, mentioning although the singer is one of the most talented and capable performers of the genre, some of the tracks on the CD somehow repeated "Small Town USA", while "Grandpa" and "Hank It" are full of different meaning and themes. Another reviewer was more favorable, saying that the artist works hard to give a nice dose of hot southern music to the radio and to his listeners. All music representative wasn’t so cheerful by calling the CD "anonymous country-rock". As for charts, the situation was not so bad there. The disc got 10thplace on U.S. Billboard 200 and 3rd on U.S. Billboard Top Country Albums. Moreover, on the latter’s ‘end of the year’ version, which is a very important rating, the CD came out 40th.

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